Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Fallujah is still under lockdown. Nobody goes in or out without an ID card and a retinal scan (rectal probes are optional). The ID cards have microchips embedded in them. These gizmos are pretty amazing devices, really; they contain all sorts of useful information: name, rank, serial number, date of birth, favorite color and the name of your dog. They’re working in Iraq and now they’re coming to work here, too.

Your elected (duh) representatives are hard at work, folks, and they’re working against you. It seems that outlaws will be the only ones without no stinkin’ badges when this bill hits the streets.

Forget the bullshit security issue. Mexicans, terrorists and anarchists aren’t stupid. Any hacker worth his Gyro Gearloose merit badge can make a pretty decent chip card with a soldering gun and some Superglue. How do you think Xerox got to be so big? Who’s going to police the damn police is my question. Where the fuck are the Congressional Democrats on this one? I keep hearing the pissing and moaning coming out of blogosphereland about the chicanery of the Repugs, but nary a whisper about the backstabbing of the Dems.

What am I saying? These guys don’t have the energy to backstab, they just laid down and said “Roll over us; it’s for National Security; there is no higher good than that. And screw us in the ass while you’re at it.”

This boondoggle is going to cost billions, employ apes and jam every waiting line from Cucamonga to Copley Square Station. And how the hell are we going to pay for it? This is a just a disaster waiting to happen, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Diebold, Sequoia and Election System & Software corporations (the clowns that brought you rigged touch screen voting) are going to be up to their omicrons in no-bid contracts on this one.

Our freedoms and our liberties just keep slipping away; slip and slide and then they are no more. “National Security!” they cry, as if it weren’t a plain fact of life that we all “proceed at our own risk,” wherever we go and whatever we do. Ultimate security is ultimate imprisonment. This ID business is one more brick in the paving of the road to the National Lockdown.

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