Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The 'electors' of the electoral college are not free agents and were actually pledged at their STATE'S PARTY CONVENTION earlier this year.

Electors are party drones (big donors, half-drunk fatcats, plugged-in technologists, political insiders, media shitheads, etc) pledged to their political PARTY and not necessarily to any "favorite son" (as they used to be called) candidate, and sure as hell, not your so-called "popular vote".

For instance, I'm an independent (no party, hence no convention), thus I actually have no vote weight whatsoever in the national presidential electoral vote. (No party = no elector.)

[Which basically reveals the lie about tales of "third-party voting" in the defeat of Gore way back when. Minority parties had 0 (zero) electoral votes to cast. He got shafted by the Roberts / Alito Supreme Court. End of argument. ]

I'm not going to do the math for you, but the College outcome can be reasonably predicted by reviewing STATE party conventions' voting. Under this system, It's entirely possible that Ted Cruze is elected president (but probably not). That's how big media "declares" the winner on election night. [Note the scare quotes there. This shit ain't official until January 6th, 2017. Happy Holidays, and all that]

It's as fucked up as it is because way back when, the Southern states did not want Negroes electing presidents (even 3/5ths of a Negro vote spread over a couple thousand plantations can add up pretty quick). Hence political parties, not individuals, elect the president.

It's always been about race - white America fuk yah! - whatever you may think, and they'll tell you so right into your face, which about to happen in just over a month.

Stock up now on water and such-likes; EVERYBODY is going to go hermatile pretty damn quick.

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