Monday, July 02, 2007

"They hate us for our freedoms"

President Bush is fond of repeating the inane statement that, “They hate us for our freedoms.”(sic) The National Intelligence Estimate said, “No, they hate the US government for its Middle East policy.” In Michael Moore’s new flick, “Sicko,” an American resident in Paris says that in France the government is afraid of the people, whereas in America, the people are afraid of the government.

Which is probably an odd collection of quotes to kick off the July 4th weekend, but something to chew on as our Republic descends into anarchy and lawlessness.

To wit: Cheney claims that the vice presidency is not part of the executive / White House refuses congressional subpoenas / Air Force Academy cadets are ordered to join fundamentalist congregation / Like it or not, we are building permanent military bases in Iraq / Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia was a bagman for the CIA’s rigging of Italian elections / CIA releases “family jewels”: tales of murder, coups, torture, and the American promotion of dictators everywhere /

Have an interesting Fourth of July, Gentle Readers.