Friday, December 30, 2011

Octupy to March In Pasadena Rose Parade

 Octupy participants practice at Pasadena's Singer Park in preparation for 
  their appearance in the world-famous Pasadena New Year's Rose Parade. 
Photo credit: gpfoto

The at least 160 or so Occupy camps around the country may be abandoned and the thousands of Occupants dispersed hither and yon (to the no doubt immense relief of the financial 1% being protested against), perhaps even forgotten by distracted Americans as they party in the New Year, but the Occupy movement is not taking a winter's nap.

If America and the estimated 425 million worldwide viewers stay glued to their wide screens come Monday morning, many will be in for a rude shock as they observe a rough and tumble, ever-eager crew of pissed-off citizens bringing Occupy Wall Street and its call for economic justice back front and center to the world's attention.

Pasadena police have issued permits for Occupy the Rose Parade.Org to camp (no tents, sleeping bags only) in Pasadena's Singer Park the Sunday night before the parade in order to allow the Octopy members an early start and time to strategically position themselves in the traditional after parade.

Peter Thottam, an Octupy spokeperson, has said that hundreds - and hopefully thousands - of Occupiers from all over the country have indicated that they will be joining the people-powered octopus float and its entourage, which  includes a giant copy of the United States Constitution as well as at least a minimum of 75 to 250 local activists with props, signs and in various costumes.

Sadly, although invited, the local Tea Party has declined to join forces with Octupy to participate. Michael Alexander, president and founder of TEAPAC, a Pasadena-based tea party group, claims his members were outraged that Occupy would try to "politicize" the Rose Parade.

It may be winter, but Occupy is not hibernating and the work goes on.

Happy New Year, everyone.

(Update: The post has been updated to reflect the fact that Octupy is the unofficial name of the  Occupy the Rose Parade group, as well as the official name of the handmade 70-foot-long octopus float.)