Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Bolivian presidential plane forced down in Austria

The Continuing Saga of the Keystone Kops, Part >9000
"Bolivia denounced the “abduction” of President Evo Morales and alleged that international law had been violated after his plane was grounded and searched amid a false rumor that NSA leaker Edward Snowden was on board.

"The jet took off from Vienna, Austria, on Wednesday, almost 12 hours after it was forced to land there when France, Portugal, Italy and Spain all denied the plane access to their airspace.

"The aircraft was stopped and searched as it was taking Morales home from Russia, where he had met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a summit for gas exporters.

"No unauthorized people were found on board.

“'We want to tell Bolivians, we want to tell the world, that President Evo Morales, our president, the president of all Bolivians, was kidnapped in Europe today,' Vice President Alvaro GarcĂ­a Linera said late Tuesday in front of the official presidential residence in the capital, La Paz. 'We want to say to the nations of the world that President Evo Morales has been abducted by imperialism and is being held in Europe.'”

"A statement ( from aboard the presidential plane on Wednesday underlined the indignation and fury felt at the highest levels of the Bolivian government."

Ironically, the president's aircraft, under the Vienna Convention of 1961, is considered to be sovereign territory and the president himself a 'diplomatic emissary', and not to be hindered in his travels. Vienna is, of course, the capital of Austria.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Guide to the GOP's Position on Rape

The unevolved primates who represent the Republican Party have been making a concerted effort to deny women - and even young girls - control of their own bodies. They have thrown up roadblocking legislation, publicly insulted women who merely want medical care and, perhaps their most hideous crime, castigated victims of violent rape as sluts and worse.

From DailyKos, here's a list of their recent trash-mouth utterings on one of the most barbaric crimes committed against women on a daily basis.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The true cost of your iPhone

Everybody loves their sleek, shiny iPhones; they stand, sit, sleep in lines for up to 48 hours to be in position to grab an iteration of the newest cellphone at their favorite Apple outlet. The last model iPhone was released a mere 16 months after it's predecessor, and it wasn't even that much of an upgrade - in fact, it's not even technically a 4G phone (it's a marketing gimmick, a little "white lie" told by the wireless companies and the manufacturers are happy to go along), buyers gobbled them up in unprecedented numbers.

Still, and despite the reports of shenanigans at Foxconn, the average buyer doesn't give a second thought to the social & environmental damage those glitzy units actually cost, so here's a handy little chart to clear that up for ya.

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Happy dialing, folks!