Thursday, January 20, 2005

For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground

The rest of the quote from Shakespeare is about the death of a king; I’m stealing it to transpose the message of a dead king to the death of the dream of representative democracy and the death of a republic.

Yes, folks, that would be the good ole’ US of A - us, as in "we the people."

With the
re-inauguration of the 43rd president, the upcoming and almost certain confirmation of two criminals for extremely important political posts (Secretary of State and Attorney General), the installation of Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice (don’t think so? Just you watch), and this war just dragging on and on, unless we take drastic action, we are going to be in on the ground floor of the disestablishment of the grand experiment, the wonder of the ages, the first for-real representative government in the history of man.

Unless we declare war on the Republicans and the neoconservatives, we can kiss it good-bye.

Oh, sure, there’s lots of life left in the old girl, and I know that lots of progressive and just plain mainstream people will be "working for change," as they say. But they are going up against the best-funded, most pervasive mindset known to Mankind: corporate greed. They, we, will need more than right-thinking. We need burning passion, motivated by fear and hate and revenge. We need to kick conservative ass, hard. We need to block Republicans at every step and give no quarter.

A friend of mind said to me the other day that politics is the art of compromise. Duh. How about used to be. Bush isn’t compromising; he’s blowing things up. Cheney isn’t compromising; he’s telling people to get fucked. Thomas isn’t compromising; he’s propositioning his law clerks. Compromise? Fuck them.

And if I hear one more garbled press release about a moderate Democrat being propositioned for the next Presidential race, I’ll gag. We had moderate. Moderate gets run over. We need a motherfucker for President.

You don’t like it? Bite me.

In the meantime, here's something you can chew on: France invades the United States in a preemptive anti-terrorism act.

About fucking time. And, in case you're wondering, my ancestors were French Huguenots. Call me a Freedom Fry and stick me up your ass, Shrub!