Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Killer Politicians Roam Countryside

I really don't care what you think; I'm convinced that our top leadership has been bitten by a pack of rabies-infected dogs, and is now running around the globe picking fights and murdering people before they themselves lie writhing on the ground and twitch their last, begging for mercy. On the other hand, many rabies doesn't quite cover it. Whatever, David Michael Green of CommonDreams.org has some piquant words on the subject of our lying liars-in-chiefs:

We now have definitive, verified and undenied evidence documenting a panoply of lies told to the American and world publics about the invasion of Iraq, a bloody war which was neither legally nor morally justified, despite overt attempts to make it so by those who wished to launch it.

On top of that crime, we can now also add that of America's fourth estate, which has completely abdicated its role and responsibility to present this crucial bombshell of information to the public.

It gets worse, however. Eighty-nine members of Congress have taken note of the items described above, as well as a separate secret briefing for Blair's meeting, in which it was agreed that "Britain and America had to 'create' conditions to justify a war", and have sent a letter to the president, demanding a response.

And, yet, still there is no coverage from our press. It appears that demanding that the government respect the will of the people is no longer enough in American democracy. We must now also carry the burden of demanding that the media do its job and cover developments which are unfavorable to the national kleptocracy of which these giant media corporations have become a part.
Somebody suggested that we start a new TV netwrok, WAR TV, say, so that word about what is really going on can be at least accessible, if not actually understood, by Mr & Mrs John Q Public and all the ships at sea.

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