Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dark meat, or light?

So now we're boiling people. That's just great. This charming country is one of the places that we are so blithely rendering prisoners (render: to butcher). Well, this blogger thinks that it's time to impeach the chimp and serve him up before Congress. Velvel thinks so, too:

It has been said here before (e.g., in a lengthy post of March 17, 2005) that, due to the program of rendering people for torture, George W. Bush is guilty of a federal crime, of a crime under American statutory law. Bush (like Cheney and some others too) is guilty under Title 18 of the United States Code Section 2340A subsection (c) of the crime of conspiracy to commit torture, a crime punishable by up to life imprisonment, a crime which is obviously impeachable because it is a serious felony. Not a single person -- not one -- has ever written or emailed me to say that any part of this view is incorrect -- not even a highly accomplished, somewhat conservative genius who previously had told me that there was more to be said for rendition than I was acknowledging. But although not one single person has said the view expressed on March 17th is incorrect, neither the mainstream media nor Bush’s political opponents have had the courage to come out and say that the leaders of the American government have been committing serious, impeachable crimes.
How in the name of Christ we can do this and still call ourselves a Christian nation is just beyond me. This Bush character is just out of control and the mainstream media just says nothing.

The State Department doesn't think kindly about the place either, but we're building a mighty air base there anyway.

George W. Bush now. (I refuse to call him my President).

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ChesapeakeBlue said...

Heh. Hadn't thought about that use of the term "render." And I thought it meant "to surreptiously whisk one away in the dark of night in an unmarked plane owned by the owner of the Boston Red Sox."