Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hoyer Speaks Against Unilateral Actions Towards Iran

As if we didn't have enough crap to worry about, now it transpires that most of the Democrats in the House of Representatives - and now the Senate - have signed on to a bill (HR 282, the Iran Freedom Support Act -vote: 397-21) designed to impose sanctions on Iran, and, as near as I can tell, whether or not they are actually trying to make a nuclear bomb.

In the House, Nancy Pelosi was a co-sponsor, and in the Senate - wait for it - both Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are co-sponsors!! These ladies have gone around the bend, as far as I'm concerned.

And here's the kicker =

Hoyer Speaks About Iran: "'This bill also would authorize financial and political assistance to human rights dissidents and pro-democracy advocates in Iran. And, it expresses the sense of Congress that the President should instruct our U.N. representative to work to secure a Security Council resolution calling for sanctions on Iran for its repeated and flagrant breaches of its nuclear nonproliferation obligations. "

In plain English, they want us to send in the freaking CIA (and Rummy's blackbag boys as well) to "seed" democracy in Iran.

Given the results of our meddling in other countries' internal affairs before (the overthrow of Allende in Chile, the botched assasination attempts all over the place, etc) this looks to come a cropper.

But what is especially irksome is the fact that the American people didn't ask for this, it was AIPAC, the premier Jewish lobby in the US, a paid foreign agent of Israeli Zionists.

Dennis Kuchinich (D-OH) is calling it "a stepping stone to war."

Yeah, I guess.

Update: Here's the list of sponsors from AIPAC's own website.

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