Saturday, March 04, 2006

UAE port deal is typical BushCo operation

Now that the hysteria has died down a little bit and some facts are starting to surface, maybe it’s time we took a long, hard look at this issue of the DP World purchase of the P&O’s port properties, and their possible links to George W Bush and ultimately, it’s effect on national security.

Leaving aside the question of why municipal port facilities are owned by private enterprises in the first place, why is Bush so adamant that this particular sale go through? It’s obviously not in the public interest, as there have been
security flags raised by the Coast Guard, now that they have been prodded to take a second look at the deal, not to mention the rabid arousal of Congressional ire.

Obviously, the Congress should have been involved in a preview of the national security considerations from the beginning. Bear in mind that national security in this case refers not only to the possibility of DP World staging amphibious landings of Islamic jihadists, but also to the larger economic interests, including impact on American labor (as represented by the dockyard workers, shipping companies, etc.), as well as the effects generally on the economy of the United States.

My understanding is that deals involving foreign corporations require some minimal Congressional oversight and approval (but I could be wrong), such as the passage of the law that specially exempted Rupert Murdoch (a foreign-born media mogul) from the laws that bar foreign ownership of American media. (Now that’s a real national security issue that our “liberal” press has failed to report on). Recall that the merger of German automaker Mercedes-Benz with Chrysler required Congressional approval, for instance.

Not to beat about the bush, so to speak, but following the money, the fact of the matter is that this transaction is a typical underhanded and secret Bush family enterprise scam, viz., Bush sr controls the Carlyle Group, the Carlyle Group is invested in heavily by the UAE, and Bush jr is his father’s son.

For all the bells and whistles, go to
William Bowles’ article, ‘Frauds-R-Us’ The Bush Family Saga.

Rounding up the various members of George HW Bush’s family, Bowles breaks down the Bush family criminal history, present day connections and activities, starting with George HW’s theft of Geronimo’s skull, through BCCI and the Contras, to the World Trade Center’s dismal security, managed by son Marvin Bush.

It’s not a pretty story. In fact, it stinks.

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