Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dubai ports deal bruha is demagoguery

ZIM California unloading cargo
Why is everybody in such lather about this Dubai port deal?I keep hearing that this is some kind of national security issue. Excuse me, has anybody defined just what the hell the national security issue is? And don’t tell me that some terrorist organization is going to ship a freighter full of jihadists into Long Beach harbor.

What we have here is a foreign (read Arab) government-owned business that doesn’t have the best PR, but instead has a doofus of a President as an ally. In an attempt to boost their national defense credentials, the Democrats started this hysteria, and the Republicans, seeing the train about to leave the station, climbed on board, the better to distance themselves from a lame duck president who’s numbers are falling over a cliff.

This is just an attempt by manipulative politicians to jack up the war on terror rhetoric by jumping on the anti-terrorist bandstand. It is utter and blatant demagoguery on the part of Republicans and Democrats alike.

And what is homeland security anyway? Where is this homeland? I don’t live in any f*cking homeland. I live in America. Don’t you?

Congressman Pete King (R-NY), just said on Lou Dobbs that this is a matter “of life and death.”

Holy crap, where does this stuff end? I’m all for a congressional review of the deal, but tone down the rhetoric. Even Israel’s ZIM shipping company (which has done business with the UAE for years) ) is saying that DP World’s security is not an issue, has never been an issue, and they ought to know if anybody does.

Everybody take a deep breath and get a grip on reality, for Pete’s sake.

Update: Molly Ivins brings some sanity to the party in "It's the Corporation, Stupid," and Robert Scheer at The Nation supplies

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