Monday, March 06, 2006

Robert Fisk says something bad is coming in Middle East

Robert Fisk, one of the few reporters in Iraq with a head on his shoulders and some depth of experience (30+ years) in the Middle East is reporting that he thinks that perhaps the possibility of a civil war in Iraq is a little over-rated. He points out, as I have previously, that the folks are tribal, inter-married, and not nationalist.

Further, he thinks that maybe somebody is playing fast and loose with for-real death squads in that poor place, and I for one believe him, as I have run across others with suspicions about the possibility of CIA -linked mercs blowing stuff up. But the whole of the Middle East is restless, and rightly so.

There’s more, and none of it happy news:

From: Information Clearing House:

ROBERT FISK: Yes, but the Middle East has never been in such a terrible situation, it's never been so dangerous. I've never found myself going on assignments of such danger as I do now. Iraq's the worst assignment I've ever been on, ever.

I think that our hypocrisy towards the Middle East, and the ruthlessness of its own leaders, Arab leaders, has reached such a stage now that there's some kind of… I mean, some kind of explosion is going to come.

Over… I did a CBC interview in Toronto, which I've got a copy of, three years before 2001, and I said an explosion is coming. And obviously…

ELEANOR HALL: But do you think an explosion is still coming?

ROBERT FISK: Oh yes. I don't… it doesn't have to be a real physical one like 'bang'. It might be. But something is coming. I mean, I feel it very strongly.

When I go back, when I went back for the book, I realised I was feeling it because I live there, I live in a Muslim society, I live in the Middle East, and all the people around me are Muslims. And, clearly, living there, breathing that environment, I knew something was going to happen. And I still think something's going to happen.

I don't mean September 11, but something.

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