Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dubai is the staging point for Iran invasion

Man oh man, this DP World ports thing just gets better and better. Mike Whitney lays it out clearly. Look at the map:

"The importance of UAE as a staging area for future hostilities cannot be overstated. No military strategy can hope to succeed without first establishing a beachhead across the straits in Iran so that the danger of blowing up oil tankers and blocking passage is removed. This tells us that plans for an attack may be on track for late March as originally threatened by Israel. "


Frank Freeman said...

Well, Iraq and Afghanstan don't seem bad staging posts either, considering the trouble the petro-cabal went to to get hold of them in the first place.

The Brit buildup in Helmand province seems likely as a *back-up role*, at least, for Iran invasion.

But don't forget that popular opposition has slowed down the movement, if not stopped it outright yet.

G. Randy Primm said...

any land invasion of iran is nuts, as any general in his right mind will tell you, as we plainly do not have 500 thousand troops to invade with.

i'm working on a post about the consequences of a military operation in iran, so hang in there.

Frank Freeman said...

The invasion of Iraq was nuts, but they did it. And they're still there. And NOTHING SHORT OF NUCLEAR WAR WILL DRIVE THEM OUT.

The invasions of Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland were nuts too, but the Nazis carried them out. And who would have thought that one nation could have subjugated, not just those countries, but the bulk of Europe as well??

The invasion of Saudi Arabia will be totally nuts. As will World War III. ...

G. Randy Primm said...

considering that the national security act of 1947 basically laid out the whole scenario of continment of the underbelly of russia, with iraq/iran major staging point (shah of iran-hussein-kurds), one can see that the anti-russkies have been working mighty long for mighty little results. (truman-neibuhr plan of containment was dumb - we should have co-opted them big-time with macdonalds and coca-cola right from the gitgo).

is it a mess? of course. what's next? possibly (and you may be right about popular dissent slowing down the iran operation) we bomb iran, possibly not.

in truth, popular dissent isn't going to stop this administration of crazies from doing any old stupid thing.

all we can do is point it out, write/call our congresscritters, and hope for the best.