Monday, February 20, 2006

Veep's tardiness pisses off press

A furious American press is something we haven't seen in awhile, but the Cheny hunting accident set the press dogs snarling.

While the US press hasn't given much introspection into its lackadaisical approach to reporting on the undermining of the Bill of Rights carried out by this administration, some thoughts about the press' handling of the shooting are popping up:

Via the UK Guardian:

Editor, PR Week:
The real problem here is what this incident has revealed about the inner workings of the White House. Hopefully, Harry Whittington will recover, but the recovery for the Bush and Cheney offices will take much longer.

A crisis at its worst will reveal the inadequacies of your internal organisation and that is exactly what has happened here. It revealed that there was no coordination between Cheney's office and Bush's White House office, which lends credence to the perception
people already have that Cheney runs his own show, that his office does not collaborate with other White House officials, and that his office thought that it could contain and control this story. That put Bush's press secretary [Scott McClellan] into a very awkward position of publicly joking about this when he did not know the full status of the victim, which makes Bush look bad. And if you make your boss look bad, you are not doing your job.

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