Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Diebold voting machines to be used in California

This is serious business, Gentle Readers: Diebold, of rigged election fame, has gotten the contract to steal another election – or series of - here in California.

What happened is this: somehow Diebold got the contract to supply voting machines for the state, promising in their contract that the machines would be transparent, verifiable, and available for a recount if necessary. Dates were set for the first inspection of the machines and software by the state, but a spanner has been thrown in the works.

Skippy is reporting
, and I for one believe him, that Diebold has been given a pass on the contractual stipulations by secretary of State Bruce McPherson, and the inspections will not happen unless we demand action.

This must not stand. Contact your state representative and senator, and demand that the contract be fullfilled in its every particular. There must be no vote fraud in California.

Contact info for state reps are:

Senator Don Perata (chair)(D)
(916) 651-4009
district office (510) 286-1333

Senator Jim Battin (vice-chair) (R)
(916) 651-4037

Senator Roy Ashburn (R)
(916) 651-4018

Senator Debra Bowen (D)
email only
(ms. bowen is mounting this case and will be busy preparing, emails are welcomed)

Senator Gilbert Cedillo (D)
(916) 651-4022

Why on God’s green earth Diebold was given this contract is beyond me, but we need to act. Call or email – now.

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