Thursday, September 15, 2005

Zomboid minions crash and burn

Lots of heaving and blustering on the news lately about how Bush “took responsibility [insofar as the federal govment may or may not have screwed the pooch]” led by the Rovester and his zomboid minions, said moral mutants spinning the hell out of the feds’ response to Katrina so that one begins to wonder if they actually did a swell job after all. Of course, that’s what he gets paid for (leaving aside his personal fortune of some $20 million he no doubt weaseled out of a widows and orphans fund somewhere). The MSM has been doing back flips in response to the reassembling fungoid Republican front and we’re back to square one in terms of the blame game.

But, you know, I personally just can’t get enough of this finger-pointing. Every time I visit a Katrina-survivor blog or read some first-person accounts of surviving Armageddon Down South, I get just a little bit more steamed up, and I suspect that the American public is getting their fish boil up to temp, as well.

Poll results, the latest, plus or minus the usual fudge factors for stupidly worded questions:

Bush Job Approval Ratings Week of Sept 14, 2005

CNN OK: 46% Not So Hot: 52% Beats Me: 2%
Pew OK: 40% Bad: 52% Confused: 8%

Zogby Yah: 41% Nope: 59% Just left Pluto: --%

Average: more people than not think the Shrub blew it, big time.

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