Monday, September 12, 2005

Waiting on the Big One those who are of the persuasion that we need to refrain from “finger pointing” and “blame” until after some months-long, Republican-riddled committee finally issues a 1,700 page report indicting the mayor of New Orleans for failing to stick his finger in the dike in a timely fashion, I would like to propose a scenario:

Devoted slavering disciples of Osama bin Laden manage to stuff a nuclear device sold to them by Pakistan into the massively unstable section of the San Andreas fault near Sylmar, California and then detonate it, say, the day after tomorrow.

Note that the conclusions of our hypothetical report are many months away, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security (sic) are not presently being restructured or new leadership installed; so whose bailiwick does this fall into now, today? What would be the response of FEMA, today? Is the Department of Homeland Security (sic) ready to respond in any meaningful way today, or should we all just break out the duct tape and pray?

Using their own words, I say that these creators of the “ownership” society need to take ownership of this disaster (not Hurricane Katrina, the federal response to Hurricane Katrina), and rethink their priorities. Today.

The next catastrophe is not going to wait until after the RNC publishes a twenty volume series exonerating this administration to occur. Neither Mother Nature nor terrorists abide by a RNC timetable.

They need to own up to their incompetence and resign en masse, so we can fix the broken bureaucracy and maybe get the responsible governmental agencies running correctly. Today.

I’m not so sure about Orange County, but I know that ten million Los Angelinos would probably agree with me.

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