Sunday, March 13, 2005

Tar and feather these bastards

Democrats and progressives all over the country are staggering badly as they take body blow after body blow from the massed Republican assault on human rights, civil deceny and financial responsibility.

Criminal after criminal is appointed to high government office while social and economic programs that have been in place for decades are cast aside, deliberately underfunded or "reformed" while Senate and House Dems fold under the pressure.

When Ed Schultz, a popular talkshow host on Air America, asked a popular Democrat whose name I have conveniently forgotten, why she voted for the new bankrupcy bill, HR 685, a new shredding of the Bankrupcy Act, Bimbo replied, in essence, that our representatives in the House and the Senate have been trying for over five years to rewrite the Bankrupcy Act, and they just got tired of wrangling over it, so what the hell, let's just vote for this one and get it over with. Forget the fact that The Shrub signed into law a punitive bill back in 2002 that had been rejected by the Clinton administration. This bitch rationalized that this bill would pass with or without her vote, so, what the hell, let's go with the flow.

This goes to my argument that this bi-partisan shit has got to stop. We keep hearing from Dems that they want to sit down and parlay with the Repugs. They just don't seem to get it through their thick heads that the Repugs don't want to bi- anything. They want to dismantle government, period, and if that means throwing grandma out of her retirement home, or turning this country into Sao Paulo, so be it.

They will cheat, lie and steal because they have no fear of the Democratic minority representation in Congress, and that's because the Democrats don't fear their constituency.

These people need the fear of God thrown into them, and, as far as their job longevity is concerned, we are their God, so we need to let them know that this shit has got to stop, or they are out on their collective ass.

We used to ride these assholes out of town on a rail, after they had been tarred and feathered. It's time to bring this practice back.

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