Monday, March 14, 2005

Reframing right wing thuggery

Finally! A group of professionals has taken on the task of putting down on paper (or monitor, as the case may be) the words we need to use to frame the duplicitous right wing wackos and their actions.

Parker Blackman at Fenton Communications has posted on their website a manifisto, as it were, for us all to read and follow.

We all know that the current leaders of the Republican party – be it President Bush, Tom Delay, or Bill Frist – represents the extreme right wing of their party. But most of America doesn’t see them that way because nobody has successfully framed them as such. So let’s start calling them what they are – irresponsible, reckless, extreme, and radical. These are four adjectives that I think most accurately describe their agenda. More important still, these adjectives imply un-American values and speak to a flaw in their collective character.

They suggest we start using, and repeating in every mention of the Repugs, Reckless, Irresponsible, Extreme, Radical.


Again, this frame can be applied to any issue – health care, Iraq, social security, oil-drilling in the Arctic – thereby allowing all progressive interest groups to repeat a singular theme as it applies to their particular issue.

Well, this sounds good to me. Reading on in Mr Blackman's post, he has some words of wisdom on framing the issues so that people like me don't seem quite so trigger happy.

A majority of Americans are conservative or cautious with their money and with the decisions they make about their children’s health and education. Being conservative implies saving something, thinking ahead, being safe, showing good judgment. “Neo-Conservative” doesn’t mean a damn thing to anyone outside of the beltway or heavily involved in politics. By using these words, we are either reinforcing a positive framework for Republicans, or we are using language that is, at best, benign since nobody knows what it means.

Ok, there it is. You can use it or not.

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