Monday, April 16, 2012

The true cost of your iPhone

Everybody loves their sleek, shiny iPhones; they stand, sit, sleep in lines for up to 48 hours to be in position to grab an iteration of the newest cellphone at their favorite Apple outlet. The last model iPhone was released a mere 16 months after it's predecessor, and it wasn't even that much of an upgrade - in fact, it's not even technically a 4G phone (it's a marketing gimmick, a little "white lie" told by the wireless companies and the manufacturers are happy to go along), buyers gobbled them up in unprecedented numbers.

Still, and despite the reports of shenanigans at Foxconn, the average buyer doesn't give a second thought to the social & environmental damage those glitzy units actually cost, so here's a handy little chart to clear that up for ya.

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Happy dialing, folks!

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