Monday, August 18, 2008

Groping through the fog of war

A carrier group of the US Navy on patrol in the Persian Gulf

The events of the last several days, occurring under the cover of the opening of the Olympics in China, may be the foreshadowing of the "October" surprise that has been predicted by the blogosphere for some time now.

We saw the pushing of legislation to impose massive sanctions on Iran, still gathering steam on Capitol Hill, and the suspicious moves of what may be a gigantic armada heading towards the Persian Gulf to initiate a blockade of Iran, an act of war; the armed invasion of South Ossetia by the former Soviet Union republic of Georgia and the subsequent bashing of Georgia's army by a revitalized Russian army under the no-nonsense leadership of Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and Poland's surprise announcement that they are going to allow the installation of anti-missile batteries on their soil; none of this bodes well, and many people are justifiably scared silly, given the insane clownishness of the current administration leadership, and a president who just might be drunk on his ass 24/7.

With the corporate media in the United States repeating the blatant lie that Russia had invaded Georgia, despite the clearly established fact that it was Georgia (probably with the encouragement of the office of the Vice President), who initiated a bloody barrage (using serious weaponry, here) against the citizens of South Ossetia, Americans are in a fog as to what the hell is actually going on in their name.

Since nobody in the blogosphere has access to real time satellite imagery of the Gulf, the "armada's" movements are something of a mystery. In fact, even Iran's flagship online news outlet, Press TV, is only reporting that "All coastal movements in the region are being carefully monitored."

Lots of handing waving, but not much real information. In the meanwhile, the clock is counting down for Bush's departure. Let's hope when he does get on that last helicopter ride, it's destination is not Mount Weather.

Anybody seen Cheney lately?

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