Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Orleans citizens locked out of city council meeting

Hmmm, this is not good.

With so much going on in the news recently, I missed this the first go-around. It seems that - on top of all their other woes - New Orleans citizens were locked out from a court-ordered city council meeting called to allegedly discuss the demolition of 4,500 housing units by HUD. Protesting citizens who managed to be present inside the council's chambers were tazered and allegedly clubbed by police.

The upshot of the meeting is that the council voted unanimously to raze the housing; apparently, as far as the city council is concerned, the residents can now return to their tents, if they have them.

In closely related news, federal investigators are looking into possible illegal kick-back activity by HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson and his assistant, Scott Keller, both Republican appointees.

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