Thursday, April 19, 2007

Comedian says New American Century not funny

Steve Bhaerman is a writer/deconstructionist comedian, who makes a living making people laugh in his role as cosmic comic Swami Beyondananda. In the following piece, he takes a break from comedy to unload about what he thinks is going wrong with this fair republic of ours.

As he points out, correctly, this administration has many things to answer for; but most importantly, that this fight many of us find ourselves in is not about party affiliation or conservative/liberal alignment, but of right vs wrong.

I should note that I got this article in my email in-box just moments after hearing a Republican senator on the Senate Judiciary committee (Tom Coburn, R-OK) call for Attorney General Gonzales' resignation today (and don't forget John Sununu of Vermont, a leading Republican, who called for "his head" back in March).

Bringing Down the House of Lies

The Final "Leg" of the Journey

By Steve Bhaerman

04/19/07 "ICH" -- -- It's a bit of a mixed feeling to realize that millions and millions of people who didn't get this distinction two, four or six years ago now understand that the "political' issues we now face aren't about right and left, they're about right and wrong. On one hand, what took you so long? On the other, thank God and welcome aboard.

Although the media has downplayed it -- it doesn't fit with the general stupidization program of creating a lot of heat but very little light -- more and more actual conservatives and even members of the religious right are coming to see the Bush-Cheney regime as a rogue administration and a thin cover for criminal enterprise. Such right wing stalwarts as former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr and Richard Viguerie (one of the architects of the far right wing) have formed an organization to protect our civil liberties from our own government. Chuck Baldwin, an associate of Jerry Falwell, has become an open advocate of impeachment and writes a very articulate column. These folks are far bolder than the Democrats in this regard, and they will play a key role when impeachment happens -- and it will.

Now some of you reading this who have a deeper spiritual understanding of love, forgiveness and the ways in which we do indeed create our own reality might be wondering "Gee, this whole impeachment thing seems pretty 'anti'. Shouldn't we be focusing on what we want instead of what we don't want?"

Indeed, the point can be made that the failure of the Democrats in 2004 -- aside from the minor issue of voting fraud in Ohio and Florida -- had to do with John Kerry's approach of "Vote for me, I'm not as bad as George Bush," and failure to articulate any compelling positive vision. However, the real issue goes much deeper.

Ending The American Hostage Crisis

It has nothing to do with loving or hating George Bush, whose policies have educated and awakened more Americans than all of the "progressive" leaders combined. It does have to do with what we need to recognize as the American Hostage Crisis.

The American people -- and particularly our soldiers in Iraq -- are being held hostage by a ruthless criminal cadre (this is not hyperbolic invective; the definition of "criminal" is "one who commits crimes"). The people up until now have been blackmailed into supporting a war of choice with the cynical cry, "Support our troops." As if our troops sent themselves over there and now we have to rescue them.

Read the rest at ICH: "The Final Leg of the Journey"

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