Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bush Defies Congress, Says War Must Go On

Handiwork of Iraqi death squadsVictims of Bush's War on Terror

Despite overwhelming public opinion favoring a withdrawal from Iraq and upcoming legislation mandating troop reductions by Congress, President Bush says that he will continue to hold our forces in Iraq.

Bush has stated repeatedly that, regardless of the wishes of the majority of the American people and the members of both the House and Senate, our troops will continue to remain in Iraq, until (pick one) "victory" has been achieved, "stability" is the norm, "hell freezes over," or (and this is my favorite) "over [his] dead body."

In related news, the president has been canvassing the country's ex-military for a "war czar" to run operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems that under his leadership as Commander in Chief the wars in both countries have not been going well; he requires a seasoned four star general to whip these pesky wars into something a little more manageable, at least until he leaves office, when he can leave the whole mess to the next guy.

Good luck on that, Mr. President.

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