Thursday, November 09, 2006

President Nancy Pelosi?

The midterm elections are over, and what a relief. The Democrats took the House by a landslide and the Senate by 1, and even the Europeans are thanking us for that.

Of course, politicians being politicians, they’re already starting the next presidential campaign, and speculation is rife with possible contenders, including Wonderboy Barrack Obama (Has anybody checked this guy’s voting record recently? It’s disappointing), Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (Here’s a puzzler: her ratings in the polls depend on whether or not you include her maiden name when asking if she’s got the Right Stuff), that kid Edwards, et al.

Normally, since I despise politicians of any stripe, I wouldn’t bring this up, but my bet is on Nancy Pelosi being the next Prez, in this manner: Michigan Democratic representative John Conyers has been on a veritable crusade to hang Bush by the balls. Now, Nancy has flatly stated’ "No impeachment hearings." But we all know, as does the ever-hopeful Conyers, that any investigation into anything remotely connected to this administration is going to be like pulling the loose thread on that badly made sweater – one tug and the whole shebang comes unraveled, and guess whose naked butt will be revealed?

Remember that "third-rate burglary" at the Watergate?

As this president has publicly confessed to felony criminal activity (FISA evasion) there’s one count of a "High Crime" right there. And as Cheney is no doubt implicated in this crime – as well as a host of others – the investigations lead inexorably to either impeachment or resignation of both Bush and Cheney.

And Presto! By virtue of the Presidential Succession Act of 1792, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi becomes the 44th President of the United States.


reddog said...

I've been thinking the same thing.

bothenook said...

sorry dude, but the thought of pelosi as president is going to haunt me for months. living in the sf bay area for 34 years has given me insight into the political machinations of the "whackjob left" and dude, she's in the middle of it.

G. Randy Primm said...

which "whackjob left" would that be?

as a neutral independent, i'm always very puzzed when i see the "left" described as some version of mentally-impared, as most of those folks get their ides by and large from the folks that are usually included in the term "founding Fathers," ie, Thomas Paine was for national health care, and a graduated income tax .


in fact, i consider nancy to be a milqtoast, and with her "impeachment hearings are off the table' speech, not much of a reformer. just another politician, bi-partising her way to the death of this republic.

but maybe that's just me thinking anybody should care.