Monday, August 14, 2006

From the beach

In case you've been wondering why the dearth of posts recently, I suppose you could chalk it up to sheer inability to cope with the mess the world is in at present, or you could say I'm lazy, but the truth of the matter is I'm tired and bored.

At least the bombs have stopped in the Levant, thank the Buddah.

Meanwhiles, you might want to check out these fine sites for some light summer reading:

Mystic Bourgeiosie

- lots of neat-o gifs and color pictures, with enough links to Amazon to fill a your average small town public library, and some bisnits savvy talk web-o wize from a self-proclaimed Net Guru, to wit, Steve Streight at

Vaspers the Grate (not a typo)

Be prepared to be shocked and amazed, and bring a dictionary.

See you later, gator!

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