Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bush the pot, NYT the kettle

In case you missed it, the Shrub was nearly frothing at the mouth the other day, accusing the New York Times (again) of disgraceful doings by its rather dispassionate noting of the fact that the US has an on-going program of monitoring international financial transactions.

Like the Shrub hasn't been a blabbymouth about almost any and every single project that we have been running in order to track turrurist (and potential turrurist activity, including your reading of this blog) for years. Recall he told us THREE times on national TV and radio that the NSA is monitoring our telephone calls.

The heretik runs it down.

Update: Counterterrorism Blog: Reports of US Monitoring of SWIFT Transactions Are Not New: The Practice Has Been Known By Terrorism Financing Experts For Some Time

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Love said...

Bush said, "I appointed these guys, what are they doing?"