Friday, June 09, 2006

Final Salute - The 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Photojournalism

Todd Heisler/Rocky Mountain News
Tim Heisler/Rocky Mountain News

As an old photojournalist myself, I am always thrilled to see the work of the recipients of the Pultizer Prize for photography. This year brought us a real treasure.

As the Pentagon has clamped down on the photographing of the returning caskets from Iraq and Afghanistan of our boys, this particular work came as something of a surprise, but we should have been expecting it, if not demanding it sooner.

Once upon a time, LIFE Magazine would have been the vehicle for the presentation of a story of this sort; now it's left to independent hometown newspapers, if they have the motivation, patience, and skill; in this case, the online photography magazine Digital Journalist links us to the The Rocky Mountain News, who had everything that it took: the story, the reporter and the photographer, and a publisher that gave them a year to do the story right.

It was worth the wait. Please, go take a look; it will be well worth your time.

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