Monday, June 12, 2006

Does Bush have the hots for Condi?

With a babe like this, who needs Laura?

"Ooh, baby I love your ways ..."

Don't you just love gossip? I know I sure do, especially when it involves people with lots of money and power and personal jet airplanes, so I guess that includes His Smirkiness. And the rumors going round are that his Most Royal Stupidity has something extra to smirk about.

For the inside skinny, we pass along this bit of reportage from our comrades-in-reality-based-rumor-blogging, The Wayne Madsen Report:

June 7, 2006 -- Mayflower Hotel sources in Washington, DC have gone from "neither confirm nor deny" the presence of Laura Bush there last week to conceding that if she stayed there "she would have been registered under a different name."

This is standard procedure when the Secret Service wants to cover the presence of a VIP, especially the First Lady whose presence at the hotel last week was bound to fuel speculation about her rocky relationship with George W. Bush.

The Mayflower Hotel is owned by Marriott Corporation and insiders report that the corporate headquarters has warned against anyone talking about the presence last week of the First Lady. Longtime employees are definitely "afraid to talk about this Mrs. Bush thing," said one source.

From a State Department source, WMR has learned that there is definitely "something to the Bush-Rice" relationship. "They definitely have something going on between them," said the source speaking on strict anonymity.

Cool graphic here.


steven edward streight said...

Weird. And she can play concert piano, or flute, or violin? She speaks many lingos.

Yet she said, "Nobody told me to investigate that. I was assured that it was no problem." when questioned about sleeper cells and Al Queda, around time of 9-11.

least her hair looks human now.

G. Randy Primm said...

many people have human-looking hair.

i suspect though, that her hair might be just that: some other "human's."