Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

And counting.


steven edward streight said...

...and every single one of them died in vain, for nothing.

Just War is like Just Child Molesting: there is no such thing. All war is wrong all the time in every way. The world keeps getting worse, and wars aren't helping.

I fight for democracy and ethical anarchy with words, not weapons. I leave my imprint on the universe, and care little if I "change" anyone's opinions.

Prophets, anyone who has been allowed to be able to see what's really going on and what's probably coming, have only one duty: to speak.

G. Randy Primm said...


while i applaud your sentiments, i am afraid that i have to take exception.

there are those times when tyranny becomes unbearable. perhaps we are not our brothers' keepers, but we definitely are our family's, and even our neighbors' from time to time.

one is free to gauge those times for oneself, of course, but as a modest student of history, i see that the british wouldn't leave us alone, all those years ago, and it sadly became necessary (yes, necessary) to take up arms.

for me, the civil war was a tossup in ethical terms, but i have no doubt about ww2. naziism and the emperor left us no choice.

this present charade, though, is another kettle of fish entire, and i object to it strongly.

having said that, and as a veteran of this nation's defense forces, i must doff my hat in recognition of the selflessness of fallen comrades-in-arms.

pax vobiscum.