Monday, April 17, 2006

The peace of the dead

Hiroshima: urban warfare at its finest

While it may look like the Democrats are coming together
in a semblance of uninamity on the subject of bringing our troops home (or "redeploying" them elsewhere in the Middle East) real soon, rumors are popping up all over that the administration may be about to attack Baghdad. Again.

Robert Dreyfus at raises the possibility that Bush will order another Shock and Awe attack on Baghdad in a last-ditch attempt to win over American voters by his showing that he really really means business in Iraq, and the war on terror is under control.

Of course, if this plan does go forward, the results of the carnage sure to occur (house-to-house fighting, massive civilian casulaties, and the probable leveling of the city) will all be for naught.

Any sane person could reasonably assume that this will backfire bigtime, drawing the righteous condemnation of the rest of the civilized nations on Earth, as well as the undying enmity of the entire Muslim population of the planet (estimated to be about 1.7 billion souls worldwide), as well as most of what's left of any support by sane American citizens.

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steven edward streight said...

Just as there is no "just rape" or "just child molesting", there can be no "just war".

Wars always backfire and cause more problems than they "solve".

WW2 is a good example. We defeat Hitler and unleash Mao and Stalin.

What was gained? Nothing.

To say that to support the troops, we must support the war, the administration, and the government is a vast lie of a tyrannical mindset.

I think a bloody revolution is coming in America, unexpectedly and unrelenting. It will be the final gasp of mediocrity and stupidity that takes the USA off the world stage.

Your mention of how the Iraq war may be designed to slow the production of oil from Iraq has haunted me since I read it.

Usually, things are not what they seem.