Friday, April 07, 2006

DSL Hell

The springtime rains have arrived in Southern California with a vengeance; while some people find themselves in houses suddenly sliding down mud-soaked slopes, I find the rain has gotten inside my walls and pipes, and, recently, my electrical wiring. Mostly, it’s harmless, but enough of it and you get problems.

What I got is telephone wire that’s shorting out, and now my DSL line is useless. This, of course, leads to our having to cart our disks, CD+RWs, newspapers, etc., from home to the community center to go online almost every day. Most inconvenient. It also leads to less timely posting, and occasionally (and more often than I care to admit) Failure to Post.

The man from SBC/Yahoo swears he’ll be here sometime inside the next four weeks, maybe even in the daytime, after lunch, but definitely before the 6:00 o’clock news. One can only hope.


steven edward streight said...

That sounds horrible. Can you find a wifi hotspot nearby?

G. Randy Primm said...

why, yes: there's one out by the airport, it costs $12 an hour, so what i do is go to the community center at the retired vets place.

it's free, and i'm a vet.

works out good, except they close at 9 pm.