Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bush says Iraqis decided "not to go to civil war"

"We all recognise that there is violence, that there is sectarian violence. But the way I look at the situation is that the Iraqis took a look and decided not to go to civil war." - President of the United States George W. Bush.

Violence?What kind of violence do you want, Goat Boy? How about an average of 80 people a day assasinated. Every day. Shot in the back of the head and their bodies dumped for their families to find, flies buzzing around their corpses.

The Iraqis are already in a civil war.

GoatBoy is definitely certifiable and needs therapy. And while he's in therapy, maybe he could learn to speak proper English.

sectarian: Adhering or confined to the dogmatic limits of a sect or denomination; partisan.


Kathleen Callon said...

Maybe we should dress him as a Shi'a militant and set him down in a Sunni neighborhood in the middle of an altercation of the "non-civil war" and see if he changes his mind.

Kathleen Callon said...

Heard Rumsfeld on the news last night and thought of this post. He said something about how we need to determine how the insurgents are approached... we need it to be on our terms and on our ground. I think he, Bush, and Cheney are delusional. The conflict is what it is... period. Spin or perspective do not change this. People killed are people killed. No delusional spin can change this.

G. Randy Primm said...

this administration really really makes my head hurt

steven edward streight said...

Wasn't it Britain, or Europeans, who carved up the Middle East into the insane territories now existing?

I think Balkanizing Iraq might be good. Why force the warring factions of Islamo-fascists to peacefully cohere in a nation state?

Why not let the Republic of Kurdistan go it alone? Then let the Shias and Sunnis have their own separate "nations"?

The world powers are insane children.

A global holocaust of the world population would only make the dinosaurs laugh and say: Buddha and Ecclesiastes are right. It is a tragic shame to exist in this saha world.

To the Feingold (fine gold?) supporter, what's up with that crazy McCain Feingold bill that wants to make blogs a "financial contribution" to a political party if you just mention a candidate or link to their site?