Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bush betrays veterans again

House Republicans, in line with George 'AWOL' Bush's plans to reduce government expenditures, and ever mindful of the sacrifices of America's veterans as well as today's heroes dying by the thousands in Iraq, bringing democracy to that benighted country - whether the Iraqis want it or not - have rejected full funding of the Veterans Administration and veterans benefits yet again. Think Progress reports:
The backstory: Last week, the Washington Post revealed that the budget for veterans’ health care was suffering a billion dollar shortfall this year, a fact unearthed “only during lengthy questioning” of a Veterans Affairs undersecretary.
Yet today, even after the administration’s misleading claims had been exposed, and despite brand new data showing that demand for veterans health programs had grown twice as fast as the VA predicted earlier this year, House conservatives still voted to block any additional funding for veterans’ care.
Somebody please make this stuff stop; my head hurts.

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