Friday, September 23, 2005

Roberts is your political death

In the interests of full and honest disclosure, I have to tell you all at this time that I am working part-time raising funds for the Democratic National Committee. I really enjoy this, as I get to do my activist thing, raise money for the party (even though I’m not a registered Democrat), and best of all, talk to people all over the country.

Let me tell you folks, and you Senators Feingold, Clinton, Leiberman, all of you, every single person that I have talked to over the last week has been screaming in my ear:


These folks are upset, they are angry, and they are not going to vote for you. Take my word for it. These people don’t care about your Gang of 14, they want you to vote NO.

A vote for Roberts is a nail in your political coffin.

(Screaming, I’m telling you, pissed off and just screaming.)

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