Sunday, September 04, 2005

I say let's point some fingers

Pres. Bush views damage from 2004's Hurricane Ivan

With more than enough blame to go around, some editorialists opine, let’s stop the finger pointing and get on with the recovery, let’s make plans for the future, let’s rebuild. Well, that sounds good, Americans are a can-do folk, after all, but may I suggest that as we clean up, as we rebuild, as we pull the bodies out of the rubble, try to find housing for the homeless, jobs for the jobless, and mumble excuses for the absolutely pathetic response on all fronts, we need to take notes as we go and name some names. Because if we don’t, this can and will happen again.

As you view the flooded city, the flattened buildings, the smashed boats and automobiles piled high like the toys of an angered child, note the bewildered looks on the faces of critical government officials and note well their pathetic excuses, their pleas of “we couldn’t foresee … we weren’t told about [insert well-known, well-documented facts here] … what people in what Superdome?

And when you’re done taking the notes, add up the human suffering, the property damage, the unbelievable amount of pain and human beings pushed to the ragged edge of existence, and take some time and dwell on it. Think about this mess. Make a list. And screw those chicken-hearted wimps who say because it’s everybody’s fault it’s nobody’s fault. Ask the hard questions and then let’s cast some blame, because blame is surely due.

And then ask yourself, given the results so far, if some terrorist had planted a bomb on a levee in New Orleans and blown it apart, flooding the city, or a biological weapon, or, god-forbid, a nuclear device, just what fucking kind of response would we have gotten from George Bush’s government?

If we had a parliamentary form of government, these people would be gone tomorrow.


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