Tuesday, July 05, 2005


US Gov’t offers $50 Million reward!

For those of you slavering at the mouth (and other body parts) over the very real possibility of sacking the Rovster, let’s not forget the Guy That Got Away, namely and to wit, one Osama bin Laden, Criminal Terrorist Mastermind. Yep, the guy that brought America to its knees is still sunning on the Cote d’Azure, or mebee Tuscany. Nobody knows. The point is, everybody, and particularly the Bushmaster and His Cronies, seem to have written off his capture as a lost cause. Not to worry though, American Enterprise and the spirit of can-do are alive and well in the person of Duane “Dog” Chapman, Bounty Hunter .

I’m not kidding here, gentle readers, this guy looks like he can do the job. Previously, I had called for a real cop (instead of those befuddled Delta Force guys) like Melvin Purvis to go after the Mad Arab, but “Dog” looks like he might fit the bill. Only problem, he wants cash up front.

This does not reflect well on his patriotism, but who really understands these law-an-order types anyway?

Cry havoc! and unleash the dogs of war, I say.

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