Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I Remember Roberts

Roberts is the real deal

I think that it’s becoming clear that the appointment of Judge John Roberts (love that Anglo-Saxon- sounding name, reminds me of “John Parker,” the name used by the alien invaders in Buckaroo Banzai) is another attempt by Bushco to slip a time bomb onto the SCOTUS bench. He’s actually a Catholic with all the baggage of family planning Vatican-style that that implies.

BuzzFlash is forwarding a news item from the Boston Globe detailing how an earlier version of the Stealth Candidate coached fellow conservative judicial wanna-bees in appropriate framing language, to wit:

… Roberts wrote, Smith should focus on how Reagan's judicial nominees
shared a philosophy of judicial restraint ( italics mine).

''I do not think we should respond with a 'yes they are [conservative]';
rather we should shift the debate," Roberts wrote. ''Judges do not implement
policy in the true conservative view of things, and the hot issues of today will
not be those of ten or fifteen years hence, when our judges will be confronted
with new social issues. Our appointments process therefore looks beyond a
laundry list of personal views to ascertain if the candidate has a proper
appreciation of the judicial role."

A quick peek at his entry in the Wikipidia reveals his involvement in the Big Election Fraud of ’00. His financial portfolio reveals ownership in drug companies (so much for the hemp issue and you can forget regulation of the FDA). My bet is that he is not your average Anglo Saxon conservative; he’s probably about three degrees to the right of Attila the Hun.

This joker may in fact be the real deal for Bushkie; Gonzales was the red herring.

More: Oh oh oh, I just can't pass this up. Roberts "can't remember joining" the Federalist Society. This is too good: are you kidding me? can't remember? can't remember?

Further, the Federalist Society doesn't divulge its membership list (since when?) so they can't help Roberts remember, and no other Federalists we can find remember ever seeing Roberts wearing a Federalist uniform, although he did show up for meetings at which he is not a member. Got it?

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