Sunday, July 10, 2005

HTML struggles over

We’ve pretty much stopped fooling with the HTML and have settled back to enjoy the brighter, more expansive style of the new layout. Links have been added (judicious ones, I think) and some deleted (assholes, mainly) that are more in a Tone that I like to think is more, um, cultivated. All this was brought to mind in the redesign planning of Our Journal while cruising the net to refresh myself about some of the loonies out there, which brings me to my point: I spotted some remarks by Yglesias and others on the trend of so-called liberal bloggers (esp. the older, more established blogs, one might even call them the patriarchs of the blogosphere) to spin off yet more blogs, as liberal blogs seem to have more, ah, liberal policies on comments which in turn, inspires more people to publish more blogs. A good trend for all, I think.

The bad trend is this: this commenting does have the unfortunate result of opening the door to trolls and other low-life, who seemingly have a limited vocabulary of vitriol, but vitriol they have a-plenty. While I personally think that Michelle Malkin, for instance, is a severely brain-damaged woman, hateful of her own race (she’s of Asian descent) and an apologist for the fascist tendencies in our civilization, there is really no call for anyone to call her a whore who hasn’t actually paid her money for her alleged sexual perversions. But at the same time, she’s calling her trolls “liberals” for no good reason other than that they don’t seem to like her, as if loonies aren’t just looney, period.

Name-calling is fun, I’ll be the first to admit, but a little context is needed. We know that Michelle thinks that the incarceration of Americans of Japanese descent was a good thing during WWII, and anybody sharper than a beach ball could extend her logic to incarcerating Americans of Arab or Semitic descent today. Still, if in fact you have some vitriol that needs to be unleashed, tell it to your dog. Or better yet, your pet iguana. But to be fair, a satiric blog like Blame Bush is funny but harmless, while Powerline is pure spewing, and needs to be avoided like the plague that it is, lest the advertisers think their crap is okeydokey civilized discourse.

Truth be told, I like to leave little snarks on the loonier blogs I come across, if I feel it is necessary to give them a slap upside the head. But I also post a link to this here blog, so they don’t get the idea that I’m a stalker. Wack ‘em in the balls and leave your calling card, I say. So if you want to comment, comment. But name calling is just so recherche.

Having said all that, after I polish off this KC steak and that there baked potato, it’s back to business all too soon.

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