Monday, April 11, 2005

The Countdown Has Begun

Flexing their new, democratic muscles, a crowd of Shiite demonstrators took to the streets of Baghdad yesterday. Carrying signs that sported slogans like “End the Occupation Now” and “US Troops Go Home!,” it was a scene right from any major American city in the late 60s.

Watching the tapes on TV, it was hard for me to pick out the honest, democratic Iraqi from the planted “insurgents” who, no doubt, took the opportunity to pad the ranks of protesters. Or were they all real, democratic citizens taking it to the streets like they never could under Saddam? And even if the “insurgents” were out in force, doesn’t their participation in this demo make them democrats, too? Hard to tell with all the spin from the Shrubbery.

Anyway, the countdown has begun for the withdrawal of US forces, if we can believe the promises that the Administration has made. Remember when they said that when asked, we would leave? I’m waiting and counting the days, but I ain't holding my breath.

Chinindia or Indychina?

China and India have begun a round of talks aimed at changing the World Order, and can you blame them?With China holding about ten gazillionm dollars of our T-Bills, and India hosting the obnoxious outsourced guy who keeps calling me about getting a new mortage, they can have the whole damn mess, and God bless them.

Bolton is still an Ass

Up for confirmation as our UN ambassador this week, John ("the UN can kiss my ass") Bolton is drawing fire from the Dems and is lying like a rug regarding his harassment of intelligence analysists who provided info on WMD he didn't like prior to Colin Powell's big speech to the UN.

Apparently, Bolton, formerly Reagan's assistant attorney general, was pivotal to the Justice Department's withholding of (lying about) information regarding the Iran-Contra affair. Besides denying the funding of the Nicaraugan Contras , he is lying about his leadership style as well. Typical. Unfortunately, the Repugs outnumber the Dems on the committee like 10-8 , so his confirmation is pretty likely, but is not a shoe-in as a Republican member (Sen. Lincoln Chafee, R-RI) of the confirmation committee is wavering.

Firefox browser Issues

This Web page was laid out in a Blogger template using Internet Explorer, but as I have recently switched to Firefox and, viewing my page in same, I see the Google button up there aligned left, although it displays centered in IE. I'll be working on that issue, so hang in there.

Your sharp eyes may have noticed that the post column has gotten a tad wider, making it, I hope, easier to read. I've been reading up on HTML and CSS (style sheets) and further tweaks are coming in the near future. Comments and criticisms are welcomed.

Thanks for your support.

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