Saturday, April 30, 2005

Coulter caught with mouthfull

This just in:

Ann Coulter was spotted today emerging from the offices of a well-known K Street corporate shill whose name begins with "A," wearing a blue, sperm-soaked dress, and sobbing uncontrollably. As she ducked into a waiting limo, our man on the scene was roughly shoved aside by an orangutang dressed as a chauffer, but he managed to fire off one probing question before he was thrown to the sidewalk and savagely beaten by Ms Coulter's protector:

"How about it, spermbreath? Was it good for you, too?"

Ms Coulter slammed the door and the limo sped off before our man could get his tape recorder (now badly mangled) to spool up. He reports that he thinks she said "I'm not a blowhard!," but he won't swear to this.

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