Thursday, March 03, 2005

Author joins support group

Hey kids! yours truly has been seeking professional help and found it. Tired of pounding the keys all by my lonesome out here in blogosphereland, I have joined this blog to a Progressive politics web ring.

This is a spinoff of a discussion group over on the
DailyKos originally started to defeat the appoinment of that wino Gonzales for Attorney General. (OK, maybe he's not a wino, but he certainly is a fascist). Anyway, thanks to Dr Laniac and his fantastic XTML (?) work, which apparently involves RSS feeds, supergizmos and battalions of marching quarks, there are 550 linked Progressive web blogs joined at the hip around the Net, so you can cruise, cruise, cruise for all the news.

To start your fishing expedition, go to
Indy Weblogs, and take your pick of dedicated and concerned citizens. And a tip of the hat to Dr Laniac.

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