Monday, February 14, 2005

Liar, liar, pants on fire

The amended report by the 9/11 commission was released last week to little fanfare, although commentators on Air America did manage to pick up on it.

It does give the lie to Connie Rice's protestations that she had seen no warnings prior to 9/11 in terms of terrorists threats concerning Bin Laden, hijackings or aircraft.

In fact, it seems that the FAA (pay attention here: the freaking FAA!) was concerned enough about what they were hearing that they issued 52 (fifty two!) warnings that an aircraft was to be highjacked by a certain Arabian terrorist and used as a missle against certain American targets.

Fifty two!

I told you Connie's a liar. Now we have the facts, in writing. She lied, she's a liar, she represents the United States to our friends and she's a liar.

God, how I hate these people.

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