Sunday, January 30, 2005

You're a cynic, Mr. Bush

Recent comments by some pundits have caused me to consider that Bush might be even more of a low-life than I had thought.

When asked about how wingnut religos were to be paid back for their support in the last election, Doyle McManus on
Washington Week In Review (01/28/05 PBS) said that Bush had no plans. McManus explained that the Shrub still supports an amendment banning same-sex marriages, but has no plans (read ‘intentions’) to alter the status quo in re Roe vs. Wade, stem cell research and the like, thus, not to pay them back at all.

So, while the Shrub will take help from the wingnuts, he is cynical about it, even to the point of leaving his supporters in the lurch.

Payback is a bitch, heh?

Voting in Iraq

It seems that most of the voting begin done by Iragis is going off fairly well, with only 40 or so voters (or potential voters) killed so far. American-based Iraqis are voting in Orange County here in California, some travelling from as far away as Washington state.

Regardless of your position on the war, you got to admit that democracy is a heady brew.

I wish the Iraqis all the best, and I hope we get out of their faces soon.

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