Monday, December 27, 2004

Some bad news, some good news

We're all settled in here for the duration at Reality Frame. The duration, of course, being the term of the Shrub's office. Settled, and thinking about what the new year will bring. Will it bring Peace and Joy? Prosperity? World peace? Hah! No, folks, it won't, at least, not for Amerika, but it may elsewhere.

Rebecca Solnit at has some thoughts on the subject that will cheer you up. The Ukraine is off to a good start; so is Uruguay, after 170 years of ultra-fascist dictatorship, along with Chile, believe it or not. Even India, with the installation of Maneka Ghandi may be moving towards some ethnic peace.

Here in the good ole' US of A, we can look forward to Democratic stonewalling of Presidential initiatives, including Social Security reform, Supreme Court nominations, district Federal nominees, a
war machine juddering on and on and a public that is going to get pretty fed up about it, and will start making some real noise. The economy is tanking, illegal immigrants are flooding our factories and welfare system, etc. And the Shrubbery will take the hit for the whole mess.

Hope is in the air.

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